Published On: Tue, Jun 11th, 2019

Brexit latest: EU mocks UK as Brussels ridicules Tory leadership candidates – ‘Gone crazy! | Politics | News

Brussels has put on hold since the leaders of the EU27 granted London another extension to Article 50 in April, and it’s now watching the ’s leadership contest closely. The ongoing turmoil in Westminster has sparked criticism among Eurocrats, with a former head of the European council’s legal service revealing some in Brussels are under the impression the UK has gone “a little bit crazy”. Jean-Claude Piris said: “People in Brussels are fed up that the political class in the UK has gone a little bit crazy.” 

“He’s also seen as part of a wider Trump world and no one wants that.”

Others in Brussels highlight the fact Mr Johnson in No10 would starkly raise the chances of a no deal Brexit.

Philippe Lamberts, a Belgian MEP and member of the European parliament’s Brexit steering group, said: “For me, it is very clear the odds of no-deal Brexit are more than half and clearly if Boris Johnson becomes prime minister the odds will go up again.”

Mr is also being criticised in Brussels and even accused of “making things up”, the EU source said. 

Speaking about his months serving as Brexit Secretary, the source continued: “He was seen to be working against his prime minister and making things up.”

Similarly, Jeremy Hunt inspires mistrusts in Brussels, according to another source, an EU diplomat.

Claiming the Foreign Secretary has been speaking about Brexit in a different tone in Brussels than in London, the source said: “He gave a very different impression than what he is suggesting now.”  

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8.12am update: Mark Harper doesn’t rule out another Brexit delay

Mark Harper, one of the candidates vying to succeed British Prime Minister Theresa May, said he would seek a new Brexit deal if he came out a winner from the leadership contest.

He added he could not promise he would not seek another extension to Article 50 to retain the UK longer within the European Union. 

According to excerpts distributed by his office, Mr Harper said: “My preference is to get a new deal.

“However, no deal must not be ruled out, should we be faced with a choice between no deal and no Brexit.

“This is my plan – one that can be delivered.

“One thing I’m not promising, as much as I’d like, is that we will leave deal or no deal come October 31.

“Why? It’s because I’m being straight with you and it just isn’t possible.”

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